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Slavic Colloquium: Russian Virginia In and Out of the Classroom

This colloquium will feature two student projects from Prof. Edith Clowes’ RUTR 2460 course using the website “Russian Virginia”. The first project, presented by Fall 2015 students Alex Moree and David Peters, explores the Russian Civil War through the work of little-known Soviet cartoonist Vladimir Akimov. The second project, presented by Fall 2016 students Alex Kozoyed and Veri Silva, focuses on an Orthodox church in the Northern Virginia area and its integration of traditional orthodoxy with recognizably American social practices and involvement.

University of Virginia

In Fall, 2015, students in Professor Edith Clowes’s “Introduction to Russian Culture” course embarked on an initiative to gather information about Russian art and life in Virginia. Student groups completed two research projects. The first asked students to learn more about the rich collection of Stalin-era posters held at Sweet Briar College. Working with Director Karol Lawson, seven students (Maria Bakatkina, Jae Hyun Cho, Kimberly Daw, Amelia Flannery, Madina Gazieva, Claudius Kim, and Tatyana Windsor) studied several of the posters to learn what they could about policy and official attitudes to the collectivization of agriculture around 1930.

That paper (password-protected) can be downloaded here.

A second group of students (John Barry, Ryan Doull, Alex Moree, David Peters) traveled to Richmond’s Virginia Museum of Fine Arts to visit the museum’s voluminous collection of Russian art and icons. Aided by Dr. Barry Shifman and Dr. Nancy Nichols, they viewed icons, avant-garde photography, and a rare and fascinating set of Russian Civil War-era cartoons by little-known artist, Vladimir Akimov. This group focused their research project on Akimov’s cartoons.

That paper (password-protected) can be downloaded here.

These papers are provided with the permission of the students and instructor of the course in the Slavic Department at the University of Virginia.