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Exhibit: Russia’s Legend: Nikita Fedosov

Revered by art historians, art collectors and prominent plein aire artists, Nikita Fedosov stands out as one of the most talented of the 20th century’s Russian Realist painters. Like Rembrandt, Fedosov was one of the few artists who used tinted glazes, a painstaking technique which allowed him to achieve subtle transitions and colors that otherwise would be unavailable. Visit Lazare Gallery to view over 60 works by this remarkable artist.

Open by Appointment.
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Exhibit: Faberge Collection Reopens

The Virginia Museum of Fine Arts’ renowned Fabergé collection is returning from an international tour and will open to the public on October 22, 2016. The new installation will feature approximately 300 objects in a multi-layered interactive experience. VMFA will be the only American art museum with five galleries dedicated to Fabergé and Russian Decorative Arts.
VMFA’s collection is the largest public collection of Fabergé objects outside of Russia. It includes five of the 53 Russian Imperial Easter Eggs crafted by the Fabergé firm led by jeweler Karl Fabergé. Most Fabergé objects are made from a variety of hardstones, precious stones and metals, including gold, platinum, silver, diamonds, gemstones, and other materials. The newly redesigned space will allow a view of each Imperial Egg in the round. Organized by material, the five galleries include gold and silver, jeweled objects, enamels, hardstones, icons, and “Old Russian” style works of art, including enamels by Fedor Ruckert and a table with hammered-copper panels never before displayed in an American museum.
The collection’s newly redesigned galleries place a large focus on interactive components including touchscreen displays and tablets with in-depth content about each object. There will also be four stations within the galleries that allow visitors to digitally craft their own pieces of Fabergé jewelry and explore the collection through the eyes of various historical figures.