Russian Sister Cities in Virginia

Sister cities were established in the wake of World War II in an effort to strengthen cultural, economic, and tourism ties between towns and cities as an act of reconciliation. Currently, Virginia has two sister cities in Russia: Pskov and Kaliningrad.

Roanoke, and the wider Roanoke Valley area, is partnered with the city of Pskov, just east of the Estonian border and southwest of St. Petersburg. The alliance was formed in 1992, and continues to thrive today, thanks to an active exchange program sponsored by Ferrum College. Read more about the Roanoke-Pskov partnership here.

Norfolk is partnered with Kaliningrad, whose location on the shores of the Baltic Sea mirrors Norfolk’s proximity to the Atlantic Ocean. The alliance was formed in 1992, and today, both cities participate in multiple programs involving legal, medical, educational, and other delegations. Read more about the Norfolk-Kaliningrad partnership here.

If you are interested in helping to establish Russian sister city ties with your town, city, or region, read more about the process at the Sister City International’s FAQ site.